R&L Edinburgh poster

In 2017, Lee Wilson and I took an hour show to Edinburgh festival. It was called Awesome. We had a great time. Thank you to Steve Cross for the excellent photography.

It was great fun doing half an hour each with a friend. We spent a week in a room which later converted to a Game of Thrones theme night, and spent a good deal of time dicking about with severed heads and helmets and shields and so on, just for the hell of it.

By the end of the week we felt like we’d just about got to grips with the thing, and then it was time to go home.

In 2018 I am writing a show with my very funny friend, Nicola Houghton. It will be called Nicola Houghton and Rachel Wheeley: meet in the middle, and it will be about where we grew up. Come and see a work in progress.