News and politics


For 10 years Rachel was a sound engineer and studio director on BBC Radio 4’s flagship news programme, Today. Here she is with John Humphrys and Sarah Montague, who are flagrantly ignoring her instructions.

vote now showDuring this time she sent some material to Newsjack, got one or two things on, did a couple of days writing non-commissioned jokes for the News Quiz, got half a sentence on, and co-produced the Vote Now Show on Radio 4 with Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis over the 2015 General Election.

This involved pulling an all-nighter on election night itself, where we everyone consumed their own weight in biscuits as the results rolled in.

spotlight tonightThere was a brief stint as research producer on the pilot of Spotlight Tonight, with Nish Kumar. This involved hacking into the news mainframe in search of facts to feed into the writers room. Rach is not 100% sure whether she was allowed to do this, but seems to have got away with it.

There will probably be more and more politics in her stand up, as time goes on. Watch this space for more details.