Stand Up for Towel Day at the British Library

To celebrate the 42nd anniversary of the original radio broadcasts of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the British Library are hosting a whole day of events. Stand Up for Towel Day will be there, with Steve Cross, Cerys Bradley, The Underground Clown Club, Declan Kennedy, Jonathan Hearn and The Story Beast all performing homagesContinue reading “Stand Up for Towel Day at the British Library”

The Unfortunate Bisexual receives 5 star review from DIVA Magazine!

We’ve had a great run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival – here’s a review we received from DIVA magazine, which we’re delighted to add to the lovely one we got from Bi Community News last week! FRINGE REVIEW: The Unfortunate Bisexual

The Unfortunate Bisexual at the Edinburgh Fringe!

The Unfortunate Bisexual is now at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe! Cerys Bradley and I are flyering our little socks off all around Edinburgh, and performing every night (unless it’s a Monday) in the basement of The Street on Picardy Place. We’ve seen some incredible shows, and are thoroughly enjoying the experience. If you’re going to beContinue reading “The Unfortunate Bisexual at the Edinburgh Fringe!”

Level Up Human is going to Blue dot festival to celebrate the anniversary of the moon landing 🌕

Excited to be heading to Jodrell Bank for Blue Dot Festival tomorrow to celebrate the anniversary of the moon landing. We’ll be recording Level Up Human on the Notes stage with Simon Watt, geomicrobiologist and comedian Sarah Jones and Dr. Holly Shiel. How would you redesign the human body? If you’ve not heard the podcastContinue reading “Level Up Human is going to Blue dot festival to celebrate the anniversary of the moon landing 🌕”

The Unfortunate Bisexual is going to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe!

The Unfortunate Bisexual show, which I have been building all year with Cerys Bradley, is going to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe! Edinburgh Festival is the world’s biggest arts festival, and we’re absolutely delighted to be taking our show up there. If you’re in Edinburgh during the month of August do come along and see it!Continue reading “The Unfortunate Bisexual is going to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe!”

Level Up Human, live at the Barbican!

Level Up Human, the podcast that redesigns the human body, is back at the Barbican! The Barbican’s Life Rewired season considers what it means to be human when technology is changing everything. Is it enhancing our lives, challenging our identities, or both? Join evolutionary revolutionary Simon Watt, hormone champion Dr. Miles Levy and me toContinue reading “Level Up Human, live at the Barbican!”

The Unfortunate Bisexual

Cerys and I had so much fun previewing our new show, The Unfortunate Bisexual at Angel Comedy last night! We were full to the rafters and had such a brilliant time trying out ideas. If you came along and want to keep in touch about the gig, join our facebook group for details of futureContinue reading “The Unfortunate Bisexual”

Amélie for the British Film Institute!

On Wednesday 12th December I’ll be presenting Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s fabulous Amélie, the classic comic fantasy that launched Audrey Tautou to stardom. Tautou stars as the lonely waitress who finds ways to bring others the happiness (or comeuppance) they deserve, and eventually finds her own happy ending. It’s an imaginative, sassy romp through a Parisian dreamworld,Continue reading “Amélie for the British Film Institute!”

January work in progress show

I’m doing a work in progress with the brilliant Andrew O’Neill in January, come see! In 2015, Rach asked Andrew to make a package about anarchy and economics for Radio 4. They concluded the best way to bring down the government was to vote Tory. So it proved. Now Andrew and Rach have bucketloads ofContinue reading “January work in progress show”