Why is the ‘Rule of Three’ funny?

This article was written with the very kind help of Clare Jonas: Clare Jonas is a science communicator with a PhD in the psychology of perception. When she’s not talking about merkins in the name of explaining science, she enjoys attempting to guess the names of other people’s dogs and listening to the music of Four Tet.Continue reading “Why is the ‘Rule of Three’ funny?”

Level Up Human – Steve Backshall vs Kate Storrs

Level Up Human Series 2, Episode 11: Steve Backshall vs Kate Storrs Level Up Human is a podcast panel show, on a mission to redesign the human body. Simon and Rach chat to naturalist and broadcaster Steve Backshall and visual perception scientist Kate Storrs. We discuss enhanced vision, limb regeneration, gecko hands, super kidneys and re-breathing. Extracts from the episode, editedContinue reading “Level Up Human – Steve Backshall vs Kate Storrs”

6 Easy Ways to Start Writing

The blank page is terrifying. But the good news is, writer’s block doesn’t exist. Not really. Not being able to think of anything to write is easily overcome with a few strategies. And if writing is what you do, and you’re serious about it, not being in the mood is not a good enough excuse.Continue reading “6 Easy Ways to Start Writing”

Stand Up for Towel Day at the British Library

To celebrate the 42nd anniversary of the original radio broadcasts of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the British Library are hosting a whole day of events. Stand Up for Towel Day will be there, with Steve Cross, Cerys Bradley, The Underground Clown Club, Declan Kennedy, Jonathan Hearn and The Story Beast all performing homagesContinue reading “Stand Up for Towel Day at the British Library”

Level Up Human: Live at the Barbican

Earlier this year, Simon Watt and I recorded an episode of our podcast, Level Up Human, live at the Barbican in association with The Physiological Society. This episode was recorded with expert guests, marine biologist, writer and documentary maker, Helen Scales and KCL professor of developmental neurobiology, Robert Hindges. Episode summary First we look atContinue reading “Level Up Human: Live at the Barbican”

Level Up Human Series 2 with The Physiological Society

My podcast, Level Up Human, is back for a brand new series! The first series of the podcast was supported by the Wellcome Trust. This time we are working with the Physiological Society. We have a residency at the Barbican in London, and we’ve just launched the first episode of the new series. Click hereContinue reading “Level Up Human Series 2 with The Physiological Society”