How Podcasts are Found

One of the questions podcasters ask themselves is, ‘how do I reach more listeners?’ We check stats and tell everyone we know about our podcast. We post every episode to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and risk burnout as our reservoir of creative ways to say the same thing rapidly diminishes. We investigate social media schedulingContinue reading “How Podcasts are Found”

Level Up Human – Steve Backshall vs Kate Storrs

Level Up Human Series 2, Episode 11: Steve Backshall vs Kate Storrs Level Up Human is a podcast panel show, on a mission to redesign the human body. Simon and Rach chat to naturalist and broadcaster Steve Backshall and visual perception scientist Kate Storrs. We discuss enhanced vision, limb regeneration, gecko hands, super kidneys and re-breathing. Extracts from the episode, editedContinue reading “Level Up Human – Steve Backshall vs Kate Storrs”

Podcast Show Notes

Listening to a new podcast can be daunting. “I hope this is good” “What is this anyway?” “Who is this person?” “Who is this person?” Podcast quality is widely variable. There are some shows I would listen to over watching a multi-billion dollar film. Others are almost unlistenable. When I start listening to an episodeContinue reading “Podcast Show Notes”

Why Podcasting is AWESOME

I just want to take a second to talk about podcasting. I launched a podcast called Level Up Human with Wellcome Trust funding in 2015, and 5 years later, we’re still going strong. It’s my opportunity to learn about evolutionary biology, to talk to an audience of loyal fans, and to hang out with myContinue reading “Why Podcasting is AWESOME”