Pen and ink vs computer

Is it harder to write now that it’s easier to write? Hundreds of years ago, there was no digital editing, paper was expensive and to find a pen you had to butcher a peacock*. *Or something. Turns out quill pens were made from goose, swan and turkey feathers. 19th century landowner, explorer and ‘first modernContinue reading “Pen and ink vs computer”

Coming Up with ‘New’ Ideas

First of all, forget new ideas. There aren’t any. See through toaster? Already exists. Dusting drones? Done. DIY bath milk? What are you even talking about Harriet, that’s not a thing. Oh alright then, it is. Whatever you come up with, it won’t be new. New is just old + old smooshed into a ball.Continue reading “Coming Up with ‘New’ Ideas”